A decentralized asset management and algo trading platform on Celo.

About Tradegen

Tradegen is a decentralized asset management and algo trading platform, built with the goal of making trading more accessible. We started in 2021 with the idea that anyone, regardless of their trading or coding background, should have the tools needed to build wealth in the markets.

Our Mission is to Democratize Trading

Everyone deserves the opportunity to create a better life for themselves and their families. We believe that being able to trade successfully would help people improve their financial situation. However, it can be challenging to find consistently profitable strategies and develop the discipline to trade those strategies emotionlessly.

That's why we aim to build a platform that lets anyone create, or invest in, trading strategies without needing prior trading/coding experience. With the inherent transparency and security of blockchain, users can verify the performance of these strategies while knowing that deposited funds are tamper-proof.

However, simply offering profitable strategies is not enough to make trading more accessible because it assumes already has money to invest in these strategies. Even though these strategies don't have a minimum investment, users with less capital wouldn't benefit as much as other users. For this reason, in each of our products we aim to provide ways for users to make money without investment, while adding utility to the platform.

Our Vision

We envision a community-owned platform that lets users explore trading strategies without prior trading/coding experience, and monetize their insights through pools or trading bots. The platform will consist of protocols and infrastructure to enable transparent, fairer trading; namely, an asset management protocol, a protocol for building trading strategies, a custom blockchain for running trading strategies in simulated trades, and a synthetic trading bot protocol for tokenizing the performance of strategies in simulated trades.

We aim for Tradegen to be a public good, with developers using our protocols and infrastructure to collectively build a better financial system.



All of our code is public on Github and released under an open-source license. We post regular status updates while keeping open communication channels.

Giving back

We keep company token share to a minimum, maintain a community fund for grants and donations, and redistribute 100% of protocol fees to the community.


We have a passion for technology and take pride in building novel products that can make an impact.


Security is paramount in blockchain-based projects. That's why we do extensive testing and auditing before any blockchain-based code is deployed.

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