Claiming Yield


Whenever a strategy's trading bot exits a trade, the strategy accrues yield or debt depending on whether the trade is profitable. The yield/debt is distributed to users proportional to their stake in the strategy. Making a profitable trade increases the strategy's existing yield or decreases the strategy's existing debt. A losing trade decreases the strategy's existing yield or increases the strategy's existing debt.

Users can accumulate yield or debt in a strategy depending on how much they invest in the strategy and how profitable the trading bot has been during the time they're invested. If the trading bot has a net loss from the time the user invested, the user would accumulate debt in the strategy. When users withdraw from the strategy or deposit more funds into the strategy, any existing debt is settled on the user's behalf.

How to Claim Yield

To claim yield, first head to then click the 'Manage' button next to the strategy you want to claim yield for. You should see something like this:

If there's available yield to claim, you can claim it by clicking the 'Claim' button next to 'Available Yield'. If there is debt, 'Available Yield' will be replaced with 'Accumulated Debt' and the 'Claim' button will disappear.

The following modal should appear after clicking the 'Claim' button:

To claim the yield, click 'Yes'.

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