Investing in an NFT Pool

How to Deposit Into an NFT Pool

Users can invest in an NFT pool as long as the supply cap has not been reached. Before investing in an NFT pool, make sure you have some mcUSD. You can get mcUSD from Ubeswap or Moola.

Go to and filter by NFT pool to see available NFT pools.

Click on an NFT pool to learn more about the pool. After clicking on an NFT pool, you'll be redirected to the NFT Pool Info page.

Click on the 'Deposit' button to open the modal. You should see something like this:

First enter the number of pool tokens you'd like to buy. Next, click the 'Approve' button to allow the pool contract to spend your mcUSD. Once the mcUSD amount is approved, click the 'Deposit' button to purchase tokens.

Once the transaction is confirmed, the 'Your Investment' section of the NFT Pool Info page will be updated to show the USD value you deposited as well as the pool tokens you received.

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