NFT Pools


In addition to pools, users can also invest in ‘NFT pools’ with a capped supply of pool tokens and different levels of scarcity (represented by four classes of tokens). These tokens can be traded on the platform’s marketplace or deposited into farms to earn yield while staying invested in the pool. Since there’s a max supply of pool tokens, tokens on the marketplace may trade above mint price based on factors such as pool’s past performance, token class, farm yield, and pool manager’s reputation.

Like regular pools, NFT pools can interact with other DeFi projects on Celo. But investors have to pay a transaction fee when burning or selling tokens, regardless of whether they made a profit. The transaction fee is predetermined by Tradegen and is the same across NFT pools. 1/3 of the transaction fee goes to Tradegen treasury and 2/3 goes to the pool manager.

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