This section covers the fundamentals of TGEN, the Tradegen platform's utility token.

What is TGEN used for?

TGEN will primarily be used for incentivizing users to actively engage with the platform. Some use cases include rewarding top-performing pools, voting on proposals to improve the platform, paying for custom indicators/comparators, voting for trading bots, and distributing grants.

The token has a halvening cycle for farming/liquidity incentives, which rewards early users and reduces selling pressure over time. Since no new tokens will be minted after TGEN is launched, the token may gain value over time as more users join the platform while farming/liquidity incentives decrease (increase in demand outpaces the increase in supply).

Other Tokens on Tradegen Platform

In addition to TGEN, the utility token of the Tradegen platform, Tradegen also supports:

  • Fungible Pool Tokens: Fungible tokens that users receive when they invest in a pool. These tokens represent a user’s stake in a pool. When users want to withdraw from a pool, they can burn their pool tokens to receive their share of the pool’s assets.

  • Capped Pool Tokens: Non-fungible tokens that users can purchase from capped pools. These tokens represent a user's stake in the capped pool, with prices lower-bounded by pool's performance. Users can deposit these tokens into farms to collect TGEN rewards while staying invested in the pool. To withdraw from the pool, users can burn their tokens or sell them on the platform's marketplace.

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