Creating an NFT Pool

How to Create an NFT Pool

Users can create/manage an NFT pool for free. There's a limit of 2 NFT pools per user.

First navigate to

Click the "Create NFT Pool" button to open the modal. You should see something like this:

Enter a name for the pool, up to a maximum of 36 characters. Next, enter a supply cap between 1,000 and 1,000,000. This represents the maximum number of tokens the pool can have. After entering a supply cap, enter a seed price between 0.1 and 1,000. The seed price will be the initial token price for the pool.

After filling out the two fields, the "Create NFT pool" button will appear:

Click "Create NFT pool" to make the NFT pool. Once the transaction completes, the new NFT pool should appear on the Investments page.

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