Submitting Custom Components


After deploying your custom indicator/comparator smart contract, you can submit the contract for approval. If the contract passes security checks and a similar indicator/comparator hasn't already been published, your custom indicator/comparator will be added to the platform. Users can then buy your custom component to use on the strategy builder, and you'll collect all proceeds when your custom component sells.

Currently, submissions are processed manually. As the platform transitions to a DAO, we'll automate the approval process or let the community vote on new indicators/comparators. The inherent security risks of letting users add their own smart contracts to the platform is the main reason why we're using a manual approval process for now.

How to Submit a Custom Component

To submit a custom component, first visit after connecting your Celo wallet.

On the 'Add Component' page, you'll find a short form asking for the component name, component description, component type, price, and contract address.

The 'Type' field specifies whether the component is an indicator or a comparator.

In the 'Price' field, enter the price in TGEN you'd like to sell the component for. Prices can be between 0 and 1000 TGEN. Keep in mind that the price can't be changed once the component is published.

Enter the address of the deployed indicator/comparator smart contract in the 'Contract Address' field.

After filling out the form, click the 'Add Component' button to submit your component for approval. You'll be routed to the 'My Components' page, where the submitted component should now appear under 'Developed Components'.

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