Components Marketplace


Tradegen provides a variety of indicators and comparators that users can integrate into trading bots. Users can browse available indicators and comparators by visiting

To view a component's source code, click the 'View Code' button next to the component you're interested in. You'll be routed to the Celo Explorer website.

Clicking the 'Info' button displays a modal with the component's description.

Buying Components

To buy a component, first navigate to the 'Components' page:

Once you've found a component you're interested in, click the blue 'Buy' button next to the component. A modal will pop up asking you to confirm the purchase:

Click 'Yes' to continue with your purchase. Once the transaction completes, you'll be routed to 'My Components' page. The newly purchased component should now appear under 'Purchased Components'.

You'll now be able to use this component on the strategy builder.

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