Trading LP Tokens


Strategies published on Tradegen have a maximum supply of 1,000,000 fungible tokens and a max pool size specified by the strategy’s developer. The fair market value for tokens is (max pool size / 1,000,000) cUSD. Token prices may deviate from fair market value based on user demand and expected strategy performance. When a strategy reaches its max pool size, users wanting to invest in the strategy would have to buy tokens from existing holders on the marketplace. Token holders may bid up the token price based on how they expect the strategy to perform.

The Tradegen marketplace lists users’ fungible strategy tokens for sale. Each position has an ‘advertised price’ set by the owner, separate from the ‘new token price’. The ‘new token price’ is always (strategy’s max pool size / 1,000,000) cUSD.

How to Sell LP Tokens

To sell LP tokens for a strategy, head to after connecting your Celo wallet.

Find a strategy you'd like to sell tokens for then click the blue 'Manage' button next to the strategy. This will take you to the 'Manage Position' page:

Click the blue 'Sell tokens' button under 'Strategy Info'. The following modal will pop up:

Enter the number of tokens you'd like to sell and the price per token, then click the 'Sell' button. A marketplace listing will be created.

How to Buy LP Tokens

To buy LP tokens, head to You should see something like this:

Click the 'Buy' button next to the position you'd like to buy. The following modal will pop up:

Click the 'Yes' button to finish buying the position. You'll be routed to the Positions page once the transaction completes.

Editing a Marketplace Listing

When you sell LP tokens, a marketplace listing is created for your position. To edit the listed price, first head to after connecting your Celo wallet. Then look for the 'Positions for Sale' section near the bottom of the page:

Click the 'Edit' button for the marketplace listing you'd like to edit. The following modal will pop up:

Enter the new cUSD price per token then click the 'Update' button to edit your marketplace listing.

Cancelling a Marketplace Listing

Cancelling a marketplace listing follows a similar process as editing a marketplace listing. Head to the 'Positions for Sale' section near the bottom of the Settings page and click the 'Cancel' button next to the listing you'd like to cancel. This will make the following modal appear:

Click the 'Yes' button to cancel the listing.

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