Phase 1: Q1 2022

  • Token generation event + Ubeswap listing - launch TGEN token on Ubeswap
  • Marketplace for NFT pool tokens - enable peer-to-peer trading of NFT pool tokens
  • Monthly farming for top NFT pools - top-performing NFT pools receive TGEN rewards each month
  • Improvements to UI and more robust charts
  • Integrate pools with Moola, Mobius, and Kresko
  • Add more Ubeswap features to pools - allow pool managers to add/remove liquidity, farm LP tokens, and stake UBE

Phase 2: Q2 2022 - Q3 2022

  • User profile pages - users can create custom profile pages and showcase NFTs
  • Launch Tradegen Reserve - users can buy bonds from Tradegen in exchange for TGR tokens
  • Integrate more DeFi projects
  • Improve UX for pools
  • Builder for custom indicators/comparators - create components to use in trading bots
  • Marketplace for custom indicators/comparators - buy/sell components to build a wider range of trading bots
  • Voting system for new indicators/comparators - community voting for new indicators/comparators

Phase 3: Q4 2022 - Q1 2023

  • Synthetic trading bots - bots that have a token price derived from simulated buy/sell orders based on the strategy’s entry/exit rules
  • No-code strategy builder - create custom trading strategies without coding
  • Marketplace for selling/renting trading bots - represent trading bots as NFTs and allow users to trade them
  • Voting system for new trading bots - community voting for new trading bots
  • Mining system for trading bots - run nodes for maintaining trading bots

Phase 4: Q2 2023

  • Ability for users to submit proposals for improving the platform and vote on proposals
  • Users can vote on updates to existing strategies
  • Launch Tradegen on multiple networks
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