Creating a Pool

How to Create a Pool

Users can create and manage up to 2 pools. To create a pool, connect your Celo wallet and go to

Click the 'Create Pool' button near the top of the page. You'll be taken to the 'Create Pool' page:

On the 'Create Pool' page, you'll find a short form asking for the pool name, pool description, performance fee, and initial investment.

'Performance Fee' is the percentage of profits you'll collect when other users withdraw from your pool for a profit. If the pool hasn't made a profit during the time the user invested in the pool, they won't be charged a performance fee. At the time of writing, the performance fee is capped at 40%. Keep in mind that high performance fees may deter potential investors.

The optional 'Initial Investment' field lets you specify how much cUSD you want to invest in the pool at time of creation. Although this field is optional, you won't be able to make trades from the pool until there's funds in the pool. Users are unlikely to invest in your pool if there's no trade history.

Once you've filled out the form, click the 'Create' button to finish creating the pool. Once the transaction completes, you'll be taken to the Profile page. The newly created pool now appears under the 'My Pools' section:

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