Future Token Plans
This section outlines some of our token plans from Phase 2 onwards.

Second Token

In addition to TGEN, Tradegen will also launch a reserve token (TGR) that users receive when they buy bonds from the Tradegen Reserve. Whenever a user buys a bond, they’ll be able to mint the dollar-equivalent in TGR at a discounted price. An equal amount of TGR will be minted and distributed to the protocol, with 10% going to the Tradegen Reserve DAO and 90% going to TGR stakers. The bonded assets are deposited into the Tradegen Reserve’s treasury and will be distributed as follows:

Dual Token Model

Using a dual token model offers several benefits for Tradegen and its users. By using part of the treasury for marketing and product development, a larger percentage of TGEN can be allocated to community incentives. This increases the longevity of farming/mining incentives and helps avoid the feedback loops that may arise from selling a high percentage of the circulating supply.
Some of the assets in the treasury can be allocated to other protocols on Celo, benefiting the ecosystem by increasing liquidity on other protocols and generating yield for Tradegen. The yield can be distributed to users on Tradegen by offering single-sided staking for synthetic trading bot tokens. Part of the reserve can also be used to fund synthetic trading bots, allowing users to mint tokens without having to overcollateralize.

Other Tokens

In the future, Tradegen will also provide the following tokens:
  • Synthetic trading bot tokens: A synthetic asset that mirrors the performance of a trading bot. The token’s price is derived from an artificial set of orders created based on the bot’s entry/exit criteria. This allows users to mimic the performance of a trading bot without having to trade.
  • Trading bot NFTs: Non-fungible tokens representing a trading bot. Only one NFT is minted per trading bot, giving the owner control over the bot. The NFT holder can also collect all transaction fees associated with the bot.
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